Mathesso Atto Rules

Mathesso Atto is a version for the youngest players and its main purpose is to get children acquainted with numbers and their graphical shapes.

The rules are very simple. The chips are spread out on the board with the black and white side up. Each player always turns over 2 chips in one turn, and if they match numerically and in color, the player takes them and recieves points. Players only have one turn in each round. Mathesso Atto contains only chips from number one to number six and the task is to find as many pairs as possible.

It is not necessary to count points according to the rules of higher Mathesso variants. The winner is decided by the number of pairs found. The player who finds the most pairs wins.

However, Mathesso Atto can also be considered as an interesting challenge for expert players. Since the package contains only a small amount of chips, statistics and strategic thinking are of main importance. Every move is crucial in Mathesso Atto, therefore it is easily observable who has mastered Mathesso perfectly and uses its full potential. If played by skilled players, it is necessary to count points according to the rules of higher variants.

Mathesso rules