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What is Mathesso

After an extraordinary effort which we devoted to systematic research in the field of cognitive processes and their application in practice, we come up with a new educational board game Mathesso, which in our opinion can become a phenomenon of its time.

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How to buy Mathesso

The sale of this mathematical educational game takes palce at

As the first, we have in stock a exclusive edition, made of luxurious materials that will make the game more enjoyable not only in appearance, but also with a pleasant haptic response when turning the cards. This edition is priced at 1221 CZK.

As second, we have the standard edition in stock. It is available for a lower price and it contains everything needed for full-fledged gaming.

Purchase is also possible in person at the following addresses:

  • AirPark 21 - U Nadýmače 200/37, 104 00 Praha 22
    Mathesso Standart and De Luxe can be purchased here every weekday between 3pm and 6pm. You can pay by card or cash.
  • Nadace Science 21 - Sedloňovská 27/1, 190 16, Praha 9 - Koloděje
    If you are interested in a larger number of games, we prefer to use this option. Please contact before coming.
  • Zapova 18, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov
    Mathesso can be purchased here every weekday between 11am and 4pm. You can pay only by cash. Sale is possible only by prior arrangement at
Mathesso limited edition

Games rules

The game is designed for players of all ages. The package contains several game variants divided according to difficulty. In its simplest variant, Mathesso is practically no different from pexeso and is therefore suitable for the youngest players who have yet started to recognize numbers. On the other hand, in its most complex variant, Mathesso is a strategic game involving probability theory and elements from game theory.

Complete rules

Mathesso rules